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Meeting Schedule

The Omaha Housing Authority meets  the fourth Thursday of every month (unless other wise noted.) The meetings  are open to the public and  held in the boardroom at the Central Office located at 1805 Harney st.


 You can also view the OHA meetings on Youtube


Board Meeting Rules


2014 Meeting Dates and Time

8:30am 01-23-2014 Meeting Agenda **No  Video**      

8:30am 02-27-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 03-27-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 04-24-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 05-22-2014 Meeting Agenda *Revised Agenda*

8:30am 06-26-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 07-24-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 08-28-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 09-25-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 10-23-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 11-20-2014 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 12-18-2014 Meeting Agenda

2015 Meeting Dates and Time


8:30am 01-22-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 02-26-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 03-26-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 04-30-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 05-28-2015 Meeting Agenda
8:30am 06-25-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 07-23-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 08-27-2015 Meeting Agenda 

8:30am 09-24-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 10-22-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 11-19-2015 Meeting Agenda

8:30am 12-17-2015 Meeting Agenda

Special OHA Board Meeting at 1:30pm, on Wednesday 12-30-2015 at 1805 Harney St. Meeting Agenda 


2016 Meeting Dates and Time


12:00pm 01-12-2016 Meeting Agenda  

08:30am 01-28-2016 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes

08:30am 02-25-2016 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes 

08:30am 03-24-2016 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes

08:30am 04-28-2016 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes

Special OHA Board Meeting at 11:00 am on Wednesday 05-05-2016 at 1805 Harney St. Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

Special OHA Board Meeting at 11:00 am on Wednesday 05-13-2016 at 1805 Harney St. Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 05-26.2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 06-23-2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 07-28-2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 08-25-2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

 -- Special Board Meeting at 5pm Tuesday September 20 at Baird Holm Law Offices 1705 Farnam St Omaha Ne 68102.   Meeting Agenda 

 -- Special Board Meeting at 7:30 am Thursday September 22 at 1805 Harney st. Omaha Ne, 68102 Meeting Agenda 

 08:30am 9-22-2016 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes 

 -- Special Board Meeting at 9:00am Monday 10-03-2016 at 1805 Harney st Omaha Ne, 68102 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes

 -- Special Board Meeting at 8:30am Tuesday 10-11-2016 at 1805 Harney st Omaha Ne, 68102 Meeting Agenda  Board Minutes

08:30am 10-27-2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 11-17-2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 12-15-2016 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes


2017 Meeting Dates and Time

08:30am 01-26-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 02-23-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 03-23-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 04-27-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

09:00am 05-08-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 05-25-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 06-22-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 07-27-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 08-24-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes 

08:30am 09-28-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 11-02-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 12-07-2017 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 12-14-2017 Meeting Agenda Bpard Minutes 

2018 Meeting Dates and Time


08:30am 01-04-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 01-11-2018 Meeting Agenda Cancelled 

08:30am 02-01-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

10:30am 02-15-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 03-01-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 04-05-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 04-26-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 05-03-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 06-07-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

08:30am 07-12-2018 Meeting Agenda Cancelled

08:30am 08-02-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

09:00am 09-05-2018 Special Board Meeting Minutes

08:30am 09-06-2018 Meeting Agenda Board Minutes

09:00am 09-10-2018 Special Board Meeting Minutes 

08:30am 10-04-2018 Meeting Agenda