Denial of Assistance

Yes, the Omaha Housing Authority may deny/terminate your HCV assistance.

  • Violation of any of the HCV Program Family Obligations which includes serious or repeated violations of your lease.
  • Previous eviction from public housing
  • Drug related or violent criminal activity
  • Fraud, bribery, or criminal activity in connection with any federal housing assistance program
  • Outstanding unpaid rent, vacancy loss, other debts or any other money due any Housing Authority
  • Breach of an agreement by the family to repay any money due the Housing Authority
  • Failure to sign and submit forms to document HCV Program eligibility
  • Abusive, violent behavior, or threats toward OHA personnel

The HCV (Section 8) Family Obligations are OHA and HUD rules for continuing participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. You are required to read and sign an acknowledgement that you understand the Family Obligations when you begin participation in the program.

Yes, you have the right to a hearing to present facts to support why your Housing Choice Voucher should not be denied/terminated.

Yes, you can reapply for the HCV Program. People denied a Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher can reapply when the list opens. People terminated from the Housing Choice Voucher Program are required to wait six months before reapplying

Chapter 12 of the Administrative Plan details Termination of Assistance and Tenancy. Chapter 3 of the Administrative Plan details Eligibility (Denials). Please click on the Administrative Plan link to review the chapter in detail.