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Applications are accepted digitally, in-person or via postal mail.

To complete a digital application, click here to submit a request [link submission request]. A copy of the application and forms will be emailed.

To print a copy to bring in or mail, download and complete the Villas Application

Computer access and assistance with completing applications is available Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at our Central Office, located at: 1823 Harney Street, Omaha, NE 68102

*When completing the application, you will need a current, government issued Photo ID for all household members 18 years and older

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be eligible for the housing, an applicant must meet certain requirements, including but limited to those listed below. These criteria are evaluated at the time of the application.

  1. Minimum Income Requirements: Applicants must have an income that is 3x the monthly rent. Does not apply to applicants who have a Section 8 voucher.
  2. Previous Outstanding Debt to OHA: The applicant/household must not owe uncollected rent or miscellaneous charges administered by OHA

  1. You will receive notification when your application is received (if submitted on-line or mailed).
  2. You will be notified of your initial eligibility status, including the results of your criminal background check. If you are determined eligible, your name will remain on a waiting list. Once your name is reached on the waiting list, you will be contacted.

  1. You will also receive an email requesting additional information on Source(s) of Income. This step does not apply to applicants who have section 8 vouchers.
  2. You will receive written notification of approval and offer for an available housing property. If no housing for which you qualify is available, you will be notified of your approval and will be contacted when a unit becomes available. Changes to application information may affect eligibility.

At any time in the application process or after you are placed on the waiting list, remember to notify OHA in writing of any change to your household, including any change of address, email address or phone number.

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