Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the housing, an applicant must meet certain requirements, including but limited to those listed below. These criteria are evaluated at the time of the application.

  1. Citizen and/or Eligible Non-Citizen: One member of the household must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen
  2. Income Requirements: The applicant/household must have an annual income that does not exceed applicable income limits (listed below)
  3. Previous Outstanding Debt to a PHA: The applicant/household must not owe uncollected rent or miscellaneous charges for any program administered by the OHA or any other federal or state housing assistance program;
  4. Past Evictions: The applicant/household must not have been evicted from and OHA Public Housing unit within the past: Three (3) years, if eviction was for criminal activity or Two (2) years, if eviction was for nonpayment of rent and/or other noncriminal lease violations.
  5. Past Finding of Ineligibility or Past Withdrawal: The applicant/household must not have applied and been determined ineligible for housing assistance through OHA or withdrawn from the waiting list within the past six months.
  6. Background Check: Applicants will be denied if they have ever been convicted of the manufacture of methamphetamine on the premises of any federally-assisted housing project, are subject to a lifetime sex offender registry requirement or currently banned/barred from OHA property. Other criminal records during the past five years are reviewed based on time frame and type of convictions to determine eligibility.

Income Requirements

*Updated April 2024

# Persons in Family Public Housing
1 $61,350
2 $70,100
3 $78,850
4 $87,600
5 $94,650
6 $101,650
7 $108,650
8 $115,650

*call for information on income limits for households larger than 8 and income limits

Additional Eligibility Information for Public Housing

OHA has adopted preferences for admission to the public housing program. Applicants may inform OHA of their eligibility for preference at the time of initial application, or at any time while on the waiting list. Applicants will be required to provide documentation of their eligibility for the preference (verified again at the time of selection from the waiting list and final eligibility).