Vendor Resources

OHA solicitation responses require additional forms.  Links to these forms are here.


To get started with registration for VendorCafe, please email the Procurement department at

Through VendorCafe contractors can receive up-to-the-minute access to purchase order status, directly communicate with OHA staff and submit invoices through the portal.

The Davis Bacon Act

The Davis-Bacon Act applies to all construction, alteration, repair or renovation projects using federal funds in excess of $2,000. Each solicitation issued by OHA contains the Wage Determination upon which contractors should base pricing. The contract may incorporate the Wage Determination that the contractor must use. Additional information is available by contacting

Section 3 Business Certification

OHA is committed to creating opportunities for businesses that qualify as Section 3 Business Concerns. Organizations seeing certifications must complete and submit the required form and provide the required documentation. For more information, please email

You can ready the Section 3 policy here.