Maintenance Work Order

Routine maintenance work orders requests can be submitted online via MyPortal:

For emergencies during business hours, please contact your regional property management staff

For emergencies after business hours or on holidays, please call the afterhours screening service at 402-978-8671.

Maintenance Charges

Please review all current maintenance charges.

If a resident is locked out of their unit during scheduled office hours, management will assist in opening the unit at a $30 charge to the resident. Scheduled office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

If a resident requests a lock change, the charge is $85 per lock (some properties have multiple locks). All lock outs after scheduled office hours will result in a charge of $75 to the resident. In this instance, the Resident has the option of being let into their apartment, or can request an immediate lock change. After hours includes after scheduled office hours, as well as all holidays and days when staff have been dismissed early.

For residents in secured entry buildings who have lost their key cards, replacement cards can be issued during normal business hours. OHA is the only authorized dealer to issue these cards. Residents will be charged $15 for card replacement will. Replacements could take up to three business days to complete.

Repairs beyond normal wear and tear could have a charge. An itemized statement with charges will be provided to each resident with amount due listed. You have right to contest this through grievance procedures. (link to maintenance charge list)