Board of Commissioners

About the Board

OHA is governed by a board of officials that are called “commissioners”

Commissioners serve in the same capacity as the directors of a corporation. They work to establish policies, ensure that those policies are followed, and are responsible for preserving and expanding the agency’s

Contacting the Board

To contact the OHA Board of Commissioners, please send written correspondence to:

1823 Harney Street
Omaha, NE 68102.

We will forward the matter to the appropriate department for a response.

OHA Board Members

David C. Levy

David C. Levy, Chair

Baird Holm Law Firm

Joel Dougherty

Joel Dougherty, Vice Chair

Chief Operating Officer,
OneWorld Community Health Centers Inc.

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor, Commissioner

Assistant City Attorney,
City of Omaha

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson, Commissioner


Tony Veeland

Tony Veeland, Commissioner

Director of Community Engagement,
AIM Institute

Headshot of Cammy Watkins

Cammy Watkins, Commissioner

Executive Director,
Inclusive Communities